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Drones: The Year-Round Assistant Technology

There’s no question that the cost of farming continually escalates as inflation, population, and consumer demand increase. According to the USDA, farm production costs have skyrocketed 15.2% since last year. That said, it matters where you spend your money. Even more, it matters how you spend your time. Thankfully, there is ag technology that can save you both time and money this year—it’s drones.

Although drone usage is newer to agriculture in America, they have been active since the 2000s in other parts of the world. Research, studies, and surveys conclude that drones benefit both the environment and the farmer. These benefits include reduced CO2 emissions, increased efficiency, and increased crop yield. Overall, there are five key reasons why having a drone on your farm is a worthy investment.

  1. Drones are built for nature.

Drones can spray even when the great outdoors are not so great. Research from Auburn University supports that drones can spray in wet conditions, on small odd-shaped fields, and on hilly terrain. Nature’s adversities are no match for their durability.

  1. Drone mapping software is an elite field monitor.

As drones spray, their Pix4d software analyzes the field, converting its data into 3D models. This accurate mapping software also works for crop scouting, crop rotation, weeding operations, and locating drainage tiles. In addition, drones can analyze your soil’s moisture and nutrient content, crop nutrient stress level, and crop emergence or stand count—all while spraying your fields.

  1. Drones identify and help prevent crop damage.

Drones are the perfect tools to identify signs of disease, infestation, and weather damage. Their high-resolution cameras capture footage of your field that can improve pest control and provide quicker feedback on damage after storms or severe weather. For pesticides, drones have specific and limited-manner spraying, ensuring you deliver essential needs to your crops.

  1. Drones are low-maintenance and easy to use.

Drones are safer, easier to use, and transportable due to their convenient size. For maintenance, drone parts are simple to repair and change without any expertise needed. Learning to operate drones requires no prior aviation knowledge, so even the everyday farmer can operate a drone.

  1. Drones are more cost-effective and efficient than current methods.

On average, a drone only costs about 5% of a crop duster while being significantly more time-efficient than a ground sprayer. Drones require less fuel than ground sprayers and airplanes, rotating through rechargeable batteries when active to heighten time efficiency. Best yet, none of this affects the quality of their precision.

Overall, drones are becoming a staple of ag technology for farms large and small. Their efficiency and effectiveness can drastically improve the quality of your crops, from the soil to the dinner table. Drones can improve the quality of the environment, and they can improve the quality of your farm. Ag Technology Solutions Group cares about your time and your money. We believe that drones can alleviate the cost of farming and provide the solution you need for a bountiful harvest this year.

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