About Us

Who We Are

Ag Technology Solutions Group is a leading distributor in precision agriculture technology. Our primary focus is current and newly launched technologies for farmers and businesses through dealership networking and connections.

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Who We Serve

Ag Tech distributes to four regions of the United States from the Rockies to the East Coast: the Great Plains, the Southeast, the Central Midwest, and the Northeast.

Our Companies

As a parent company of multiple subsidiaries, we are continuously expanding our company so we can connect you to the future of agriculture.

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Based in Illinois, Linco-Precision is the premier dealer for the latest precision products and farming equipment. In addition, we have the highest quality truck equipment lines in the industry to help you maintain top-notch performance in your business. Our fully equipped shop can work on almost any piece of equipment including frame modifications, hydraulics specialists, and complete refurbishment. We have over thirty years of serving the ag community in the sales and service of iron and precision farming technology. At Linco-Precision, we are here for all your precision product and equipment needs!

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Bottom Line Solutions is the #1 Precision Planting dealer in Central Illinois. We have carefully selected our precision ag product lines that we offer to our customers.  Bottom Line Solutions provides the best resources to help with maximizing a customer’s return.  We pride ourselves on providing a highly certified, knowledgeable, and quick-responding customer support/service, whether it is on-site service or phone tech support. Feeding the world and building a brighter future, Bottom Line Solutions is the precision dealer you can trust!